Nexa Cloud SecurElevate

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Nexa Cloud SecurElevate helps organizations apply cybersecurity best practices to all stages of their cloud implementation, from architecture and design to deployment and continuous monitoring.

Nexa Cloud SecurElevate in three steps

The AWS Shared Responsibility Model establishes the shared responsibilities between AWS and its clients in terms of security and data protection.

To help you understand this responsibility, AWS offers the Security Maturity Model to establish and maintain an optimal level of security in your AWS environments.

Nexa Cloud SecurElevate combines the understanding of these models with IT infrastructure management expertise to assess your cloud security maturity level.

Following the initial assessment, we develop a personalized strategy to enhance the security of your AWS environment.

Additionally, we offer customized training and workshops with the aim of raising awareness among your collaborators about cloud security best practices on AWS.

Shared Responsibility Model

The AWS Shared Responsibility Model establishes the shared responsibilities between AWS and its clients in terms of security and data protection. In this model, AWS is responsible for the security of the cloud infrastructure, such as data centers, network, and core services, while clients are responsible for the security of their data and applications running on AWS.

Did you know that part of the AWS cloud security is your responsibility?

Shared Responsibility Model diagram

Security Madurity Model

The AWS Security Maturity Model aims to assist businesses in establishing and maintaining an optimal level of security in their AWS environments. This model focuses on key areas such as identity and access management, data protection, incident detection and response, secure infrastructure, business continuity, and regulatory compliance.

The process to strengthen your security posture on AWS is an evolutionary 4-stage journey.

Security Maturity Model diagram

Nexa Cloud SecurElevate benefits

→ Increased stakeholder confidence

→ Self-assessment capabilities

→ Automation

→ Risk reduction

→ Continuous improvement

→ Consistent and repeatable security performance

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Nexa Cloud SecurElevate can help organizations assess their security posture, identify and mitigate risks, and implement best practices to protect their data and systems.

Why Nexa?

At Nexa, we strive to secure your business infrastructure with solutions as unique as your needs. Our obsession with simple security drives us to discover and neutralize vulnerabilities to accelerate your business growth.

We believe in exceeding expectations, offering more than short-term solutions - we create sustainable and scalable partnerships. We are challenge seekers, our commitments to major technology communities and strategic partners keep us at the forefront to redefine security standards and explore new frontiers in cybersecurity.

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