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A try-harder mindset.

100% effectiveness

We find critical vulnerabilities every time! We have achieved this in more than 300 pentests done so far. A critical vulnerability can halt your business operations.

Recon is everything!

Try-harder and recon is everything! are our mottoes. Industry standard vulnerability categorization dwells on technical issues to deem high impact vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability assessment methodology focuses on your business because a high technical categorization does not necessarily mean a high impact on your operations.

→ Enterprise level cybersecurity

Your technical challenges are our motivation. You don’t have to be a global corporation to have access to state of the art cybersecurity professional services.


To stop an attacker you have to think and act like one. Which is why our specialists are more than security experts who know about hacking, they are real hackers. Our offensive security services provide detailed description and proof of concept for each finding. Issues are classified based on their exploitability and impact using an industry-standard ranking process (CVSS) and our own categorization based on what we understand about the business we are hacking on.


Web application pentesting

Detect mistakes or critical omissions made while coding web applications.

Mobile app pentesting

Manage security risk and find vulnerabilities in your app, from banking to healthcare platforms.

Infrastructure pentesting

Stress test the security of the components of your foundational systems from the outside of your company and from within your organization leveraging AI tools.

Enterprise pentesting

Our most customizable solution. We identify the degree of Internet exposure of an organization and go after high-impact vulnerabilities, with the chance of a full company takeover.



While our hacking team shines at testing and evaluating your organization’s cybersecurity, our defensive security services work to further enrich and develop your internal detective capabilities.
Our defensive offerings are fit for an organization that is taking their first steps into the realms of attack detection, as well as the most advanced defenders looking to better their cybersecurity posture.

Vulnerability management

We craft vulnerability management services tailored to your business needs.


Standardize and automate the installation and security configuration of workstations and servers to meet custom or industry security standards using methodologies based on DevSecOps.

Forensics & incident respond

Our response to a cybersecurity incident. What? Who? When? Why? How? Nexa gets involved inmediately after an attack to support you, to protect chain of custody and to carry out a forensic analysis of the compromised devices.

Secure development lifecycle

Detect, prevent and correct security defects in the development of applications to produce vulnerability-free apps based on reliable and robust software against malicious attacks.

Secure product development

Assess your product development risk management and produce secure designs and architectures supported by the right documentation.


Case studies that make us proud